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Hen Harriers - Their Status in Scotland

There are few birds more emotive than the Hen Harrier, with its almost Owl-like face and its fighter jet flight pattern, itís easy to see why it has been taken up as a barometer of upland habitat health and conservation.
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RSPB Should Be Working More Closely With Moorland Managers

The past few weeks have seen an increase in anti-grouse moor campaigning from RSPB and individuals on social media. While most of the pressure has been focused south of the Border ,Stuart Housden Director of the RSPB in Scotland has called on the Scottish Government to license grouse moors. Scottish Land & Estates see this as illogical and unnecessary, and it risks undermining joint projects to benefit all of Scotlandís upland birdlife.
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Greater understanding of grouse moor management is needed

Many people have passionate views about Scotlandís moorland and express them on social media. However, such comment often ignores the objectives of the people with responsibility for day to day management and the less obvious public benefits of their work. Misconceptions can arise because of insufficient information, so part of the role of the Scottish Moorland Group is to explain the management of grouse moors.
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